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Backup to DVD - Backup Plus DVD Edition
Backup Plus DVD Edition is a software tool that allows you to quickly and easily back up your important data. As we can see from the name, the main feature offered is backup to DVD.

AISBackup is a backup program that allows to backup your data to DVD, to CD, to local and networked hard drives, to removable media and to FTP servers. There are a lot of other features in this program.

Backup to DVD - Copy To DVD
The software is very user-friendly and there is no need to spend time on learning how to use the interface - it's multilingual and very intuitive. Backup to DVD can be started from Windows shell or from the application menu.

Powerful but so easy to use backup tool

Managing CDs / DVDs.

A powerful backup utility zip file compatible

Many features, easy to use Backup program

Shareware software for the transport industry inclusive of networking, online booking and reports, web enabled operations, finance, HR, CRM, ERP and audit.

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