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Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC

Company: Novosoft LLC
Minimum Storage capacity: 1 Gb
Payment per month: $2

Remote data backup is the most up-to-date backup solution for the moment being. With the Remote backup service you won't have to worry about your data security, buy hardware, and install software to backup your data. Moreover, remote data backup saves time. Just think how long it will take you to write all of your important files to CDs. It could be hours. While with the Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC it will only take you a couple of mouse clicks to backup any amounts of data to remote storage place and you will be sure they are securely saved and available to you at any time from any location where there is a computer with the Internet connection.

Novosoft Remote Backup Service is based on our proprietary software - Handy Backup. This application has already proved to be a reliable backup utility that combines ease of use with a powerful and comprehensive functionality. Handy Backup has been appreciated by thousands of users worldwide who chose to use our software to back up their data. The Service provides online data backup, synchronization and restoration. By using our online backup service you get a secure storage space, information protection, and anytime and anywhere access to your data. A built-in Wizard of the online backup service helps you create backup, synchronization and restore tasks. Once you've set up a task for online backup service and assigned it for execution, your part of the job is done!

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