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Protect Data - Data Backup Services

Company: Protect Data
Minimum Storage capacity: 500 Mb
Payment per month: $28,95

Protect Data delivers reliable, real-time remote data backup system solutions that automatically backup data, improve data availability and security, reduce data recovery costs and ensure business continuity with our backup system.

Remote Backup accomplishes several essential steps that are often overlooked or done improperly by other backup software. Since disk drives are cheap, data backup should be cheap too. Of course it does not help to mirror your data by adding more disks to your own computer because a virus, fire, flood, power surge, robbery, etc. could still wipe out your local data center. Instead, you should backup your data files to Protect Data Servers.

Every company that uses a computer has sensitive and valuable files that they cannot afford to lose. Protect Data understands this, and is ready to provide a safe, cost-effective way to preserve this information. Our main data server is located at a secure facility in San Clemente, California with technician manning it 24/7. Our capabilities of C12 speed, ensure there will never be a bottle neck. Our data servers are redundant and protected with top of the line UPS devices and hardware firewall's.

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