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Data Thought Consulting Remote Back-Up Service

Company: DataThought Consulting LLC
Minimum Storage capacity: 1 Mb/day
Payment per month: $24,95

DataThought Consulting LLC is a full service computer consulting company. It provides such services as setting up a network, optimizing an existing network, building and installing new workstations for your network and backing up all your data on our remote server. After signing up with our Remote Backup Service, DataThought Consulting LLC will perform a system checkup, install our custom software, and, depending on the size, perform a full backup of the system. We will configure the software according to your specifications.

The software is capable of doing two types of backups. Which files will be backed-up depends on the selections you make during configuration and which type of backup event is taking place. Either backup type can be started automatically on a schedule or manually.

The software includes built-in compression to reduce the amount of data which needs to be transmitted to the data center. The compression will reduce text and spreadsheet documents by as much as 80% and even database files by up to 60% in some cases. The software includes 128bit DES for U.S. and Canadian users (other encryption types are available.)

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