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PCS Backup Agent

License: Shareware, $39,99 Backup to FTP utility
File size: 2,000 Kb
Version: 1.0.001
Release date: 30 Sep 2002
OS: Win95, Win98, WinNT 4.x, Windows2000, Windows2003, WinXP, WinME
System Requirements: none
Languages: English

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PCS Backup Agent is a rather outdated sample of the software for backup to ftp that has relatively few backup options in comparison with other backup programs on the market. This is why PCS Backup Agent isn't perfect by such criteria as backup scheduling or breaking backups across several media containers. It's a very decent choice though when it comes to back up to ftp.

PCS Backup Agent creates standard ZIP files that can be optionally protected with a password. This is very convenient when you have to retain the lost data from a backup disk, because practically all PCs have a standard unzip utility. It is noteworthy that PCS Backup Agent also provides several handy ZIP tools, including ZIP to EXE converter and a file verifier. They can be used to check and repair if necessary a broken archive and to create a self-extracting archives that will work even on a computer without an unzip application.

Ftp backup can to a certain extent compensate for the lack of auto media-spanning option, which is a regular feature in backup applications today. With this functionality users would be able to backup their data to several CDs or DVDs, or even span it between different media types.

Actually, it's becoming more and more popular nowadays to back up one's data to remote services as well as backup to ftp servers. This sounds like a solid decision to store one's files remotely in specially equipped facilities, because this protects user's files from any local natural disasters or theft.

PCS Backup Agent is very intuitive in use. File selection is straightforward and simple. Users can choose separate files or folders from a dialog box. It is also possible to pick an FTP server or specify a web site URL and back up these remote files, too.

By default backup files are stores on a local drive, but PCS Backup Agent can log in to any FTP server and back up files there for remote storage. For working with PSC Backup Agent provides the following elaborative features: associating particular filename extensions with binary or text FTP-transfer modes, passive and active firewall regimes, and also timeout lengths.

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