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License: Shareware, $25 Backup to ZIP software
File size: 350 Kb
Version: 3.01
Release date: 17 Dec 2007
OS: WinNT 4.x, Windows2000/XP/2003, Windows Vista
System Requirements: n/a
Languages: English

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nnBackup is a tiny and useful utility to back up to zip and synch your folders and files. nnBackup supports data backup to zip with gz or zip algorithms. Moreover it is possible to launch a chosen program before and after backup actually begins.

Apart from the refined backup to zip option nnBackup provides special options to remove outdated data from the backup. nnBackup features full support of the following backup methods: plain copying of files and folders, copying your data to a numbered stack of folders or zip-files, incremental backup (when only the new and changed files are backed up), folder synchronization (mirror or one-directional).

The biggest nnBackup advantages are: ability to customize, relatively insignificant memory footprint, the speediest performance on the market, support for filename masks to include or exclude certain files from the backup, working with file time stamps, ability to control file size, customizable processing of deleted files and empty folders, customizable processing of errors when backing up files, startup parameters that can be set in a plain text file, complete logging of all backups. nnBackup can be started from the command line or from external scheduler like Windows XP built-in scheduler.

All in all backup to zip option supported by nnBackup is the most convenient and universal way of backing up data. Most importantly is that when you back up files and folders to zip, all backed up data can be easily accessed from any computer even if the computers run different operating system.

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